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e-mail addresses 57,969 importers 7,380
web site addresses 42,119 exporters 5,542

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12 months from date of production

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WF12 (60 000 product or service positions)

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Kompass Ukraine Directory (Database)

Kompass Ukraine Directory: Leisure, entertainment, hospitality

Overview of the categories> Leisure, entertainment, hospitality (Ukraine)

Kompass, the business directory for companies, trade names and brand names.

Kompass is an B2B information system on companies and for companies, providing data collected from the companies themselves.

You are looking for a Ukraine company in the Leisure, entertainment, hospitality business sector ; the Kompass business directory allows you to find quickly and easily the contact details of a provider, supplier, importer, exporter via a detailed company profile.

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Travel and tourism Leisure and entertainment industry Hotels and restaurants Libraries Museums, art galleries National parks, nature reserves, zoos and botanical gardens
restaurants, parks, leisure, art, nature, libraries, entertainment, tourism, travel, museums, hospitality, industry, national, zoos, galleries, reserves, botanical, hotels, gardens

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